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Cynthia Miller is a contemporary abstract artist and attorney living in Houston, TX. In 2019, she is excited to have been accepted into the John Ross Palmer Gallery’s Escapist Mentorship Program, working alongside seasoned art and gallery veterans, where she will evolve her art, as well as focus on improving her professionalism and business acumen as an artist.

Cynthia is currently featured in the summer 2019 issue of Houston CityBook, announcing her June 28 solo gallery show “Let’s Talk About Yellow” featuring bright, fun paintings emphasizing color and shape.

She currently has paintings residing in New Orleans, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, D.C., Memphis and more. In 2018, she featured her works as a part of a 2018 fundraiser benefitting Houston nonprofit Rec Room and also hosted a solo show exhibiting all of her works in December 2018. She has also participated in Houston’s Fresh Arts' Fine Arts Exhibit. 

This work is, to Cynthia, not only an energizing way to express creativity, but also a form of practicing gratitude:

"Painting originally began as something personal to me. I'm drawn to abstract art. It's the colors, textures, and the interplay of space that I find interesting and beautiful, brave even. Over time, art has also become a way that I can connect and share with others. I think any passion eventually becomes that, and I'm grateful for it." 

Aside from enjoying the work, knowing that her art has found a home in cities that she loves or even down the street, has made the process deeply rewarding and fun.