Mad Royals! ♠️♥️♣️♦️

“Mad Royals”!! This dynamic duo is my first unique set of paintings created at the Chrysalis studio through the Escapist program in 2019. The crowns are all gold leaf and the rest is pure color! It’s unique because the style is not a typical one for me — I’m not usually dabbling in figurative — but I’ve really been wanting to paint something colorful in this Picasso-esque style. This program has been a bit of a gamble, a risk, and I decide to create something bold and fun right before Valentine’s day. Sizes, media, and more images below.

I’m thrilled to put this set into an individual’s collection via a preview before the public release. if you would like to be alerted to future preview opportunities for Featured Works, please click here or email

mad royals.JPG

Mad Royals

Cynthia Leigh Miller

10”x20” each, Gold leaf and heavy-body acrylic on canvas

SOLD - $175 for pair